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Balinese Ritual Dance
Bali       Art is as necessary and as natural to the Balinese as breathing. Known as “the Island of traditional dances are an integral aspect of Bali’s culture. When Java experienced Islamization in the 16th century, much of the original culture disappeared. But it survived in Bali in the form of ancient dance-dramas, becoming an important part of classical Balinese culture. During the 1920's and 1930's Balinese dance found a new élan. Dances, which were shorter and used in non-religious occasions, were created from the old traditional forms. Daily temple ceremonies and rituals with offerings to the Deities still incorporated elaborate dance presentations accompanied by full gamelan orchestras.

      Balinese dance is tightly connected to religion. For example; Pendet or ‘Welcoming Dance’ is the presentation of an offering in the form of a ritual dance, which is usually performed during specific religious ceremonies. The dancers carry an offering of incense, cakes, water vessels, or flower petals. With these they dance from shrine to shrine within the temple, and continue intermittently throughout the day and late into the night during temple feasts. Toward the finish of the dance, the dancers throw flowers to those watching as a welcome and blessing to the audience.
Balinese Ritual Dance Video

Balinese Ritual Dance (Lesandre and Danielle)

This clip is from a classical Balinese Ritual Dance "Bali dance" on Waroonkarn's You Tube Channel.

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