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Lesandre and Mimi: First attempts at Eastern-style dance, London Music Club, for George Harrison's "Within You and Without You" 
Graduation day from the Royal Ballet School, London
Dancing with the group Shiva's Children, headed by Alan Reed and his original poetry: 'The Portals of Infinity' 
Dancing with the Incredible String Band -      University tours of England, Denmark, Sweden, and Ireland
Pixies in the garden! Sausalito, CA         
Buyo, Classical Japanese Dance with           Sensei Rokushige Fujima, San Francisco CA
The carved Apsara figures from the temples at Angkor Wat, brought to life through Cambodian classical dance

Bharata Natyam, the classical dance par excellence of South India


'Gita Govinda': The Song of Divine Love which tells of the human, finite soul longing for and seeking union with the infinite, Universal Soul
In costume for the highly refined Javanese Court dance
'Serimpi': one of the most sacred dances of the Javanese Court


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